• Picnic at Hanging Rock
    Picnic at Hanging Rock

    A rare opportunity to see this iconic film on the big screen is coming up. We're excited to have the special permission of Ingrid Weir to screen Picnic at Hanging Rock on 30th September, so make a date in your diary! Details are available at

  • Are you missing a treat?
    Are you missing a treat?

    Some tremendous films are being shown in the 'Cinema of Childhood' season, which is running at Eden Court Cinema from April through to September. The films are about children and their viewpoint, but make no mistake, these are world-class films for adults, too. I saw The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun (it was a real peach - do try to see it if you ever get the opportunity) and René Clément's Forbidden Games was wonderful. Crows was "so incredibly beautiful and sad and honest," Palle Alone in the World was a delight and Karel Kachyna's forgotten masterpiece, Long Live the Republic, set in Moravia towards the end of WWII, jumbled reality, memory and fantasy to capture the intensity of childhood in a war zone. The King of Masks was a modern, beautiful telling of a heartbreaking fable of 1930s China, Hugo and Josephine was, indeed, "a pure pleasure" and Little Fugitive was credited by Truffaut with inspiring the French New Wave. Next up in the series is THE BOOT and 10 MINUTES OLDER on Saturday 23rd & Monday 25th August. Director Mohammad Ali Talebi had been working with children for years, and it shows - The Boot is a brilliant introduction to his world.

    Details of all the films in the season can be accessed via our News item (see "Cinema of Childhood"

    or via the Eden Court website.

    I hope you'll be able to catch some of these films, and don't forget that under-16s go FREE - best wishes, Mike Noble

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