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    Love film and have some time to spare? InFiFa is run by a voluntary committee, known as the Programme Group, which meets on a monthly basis to programme regular screenings, prepare film notes, maintain our website and organise special events. If you have some time to spare and would like to get involved please contact us via the email link on this site or come and have a chat with us at the next screening! Our next meeting will be at 6pm in the auditorium before the screening of 'The Seventh Seal' on 2 December. Please feel free to join us to see if you might like to get involved.

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    …an undoubted masterpiece of world cinema.

    Members' choices

    • Drama
    • Sweden
    • 96 mins.
    Ingmar Bergman's iconic and much imitated film about a knight and his squire who return from the crusades to find the Black Death sweeping the country. Confronted by the Grim Reaper the knight challenges Death to a fateful game of chess for his life. An allegory of humankind's search for meaning in life and in…
    • Sat
      • Biography | Drama | History
      • UK
      • Colour
      • 150 mins.
      Occasionally we make arrangements with Eden Court Cinema to view a film in the Cinema's schedule which is likely to be of particular interest to our members, so as to give opportunity for discussion after the film. Please join us at this screening and stay for discussion…
    • Tue
      • Black comedy thriller
      • USA
      • Colour
      • 94 mins.
      One of the Coen Brothers' finest and best loved films, Fargo tells the story of struggling car salesman Jerry Lundegaard's bungled attempts at embezzlement and kidnapping, three grisly murders and the tenacious work of a very pregnant Police Chief Marge Gunderson to solve the crimes. Nominated for…
    • Tue
      • Drama
      • Germany
      • B&W
      • 106 mins.
      Marlene Dietrich introduced her theme song "Falling in Love Again" and shot to international fame on the strength of her performance as seductress Lola Frohlich in Josef von Sternberg's classic story of love and obsession. Strict Professor Immanuel Rath is outraged to discover that the boys in…